Monday, June 11, 2012

1 month without sc2

Well random stuff + Diablo 3 have kept me from playing Sc2 and now... i suck... Yet again, and since Blizzards MMR belives ones skill is unchanged without playing the game for a month. I get absolutely demolished.

Everytime I’m in this situation I have a huge urge to just lose a lot and get into a lower league to just start over the cool thing about starting over is it gives you room to work on improving your macro, whereas playing on "my own level" I can’t neglect unit control and having to multitask alot of stuff that you are not practiced at you just get overwhelmed.

But since me and Fafner got into the same division I am not going to do that this time i will just have to fight thorough the suffering.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Another day of games another day of getting stomped.

Really Blizzard Really…. giving me Terran so many games in one evening, what have I ever done to offend you so!, well enough with the silliness.

Playing random really give you a good idea of what races you are good at and what races you are NOT I should probably run some statistics on my winrate’s while playing random. Because it is kinda interesting to see how things work out. I would guess my winrate with toss is decently high, with Terran quite low and with Zerg around average.

I feel like I have just had a double losing streak, first meeting decently high ranked ppl compared to myself diamonds and high plats, then I had my terran streak vs high plats and now I am meeting mid plats, if I get a streak with other races now I will probably demolish. I could imagine my MMR swinging quite a lot while playing random just because of the random nature of it.

Now its soon weekend and I won’t be able to play there and than I will most likely play a lot Monday until midnight and then its D3 time!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Soooo much cheese…

Ok so i am used to some extent of cheese / allins but last night where insane. I think I had around maybe 1-2 straight up games out of 12'ish games the rest where terribly annoying cheeses / allins. I am talking everything from proxy gates, hatch in your main, cannon rushes, thor hellion, mass blue flame hellions, 4 gates. You name it they did it.

I Don’t usually have any issues with allins because I usually do som “decent” scouting not really timed out or anything but I am usually pretty good at getting a read, but one of the things I down prioritize when I haven’t played for a while is scouting, putting all my focus towards macro / micro and just trying not to fuck up too bad in general.

When you just keep going up against allins that really punishes you quite harshly.

So I guess the point being, you just can’t neglect scouting at this level at the very least check the fucking natural expansion jesus how terribad can I be...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Diablo III - Right around the corner

If there is a game that have been hyped and greatly awaited for releases this year it\s Diablo III, and I  my self is also waiting to get my hands on this bad boy, although I am not as hyped as I feel like I should be, im not sure if it’s just the fact that it just feels like it’s been done before or that the beta was underwhelming. But none the less I am getting the game at midnight and I have 1 week off (left over vacation) and I am going to play it quite extensively the first week after release. The question is “will it last longer than the “normal” playthough?”   
It is going to depend on how “fun” the skills are to use and how well the runes work, from the beta that was one of the underwhelming things the skills just wasn’t as fun as the old D2 skills where. But hopefully I am wrong and it is going to drag me in “deep”.

My first char will be The Witch Doctor and afterwards the barbarian, although I still got 6 days to change my mind.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A little update

Hi since i havn't updated the blog for a while I thought I should do a short update.

So I will just go though some of the games i have been playing as of late.

Dota2 Beta: Got the beta a few weeks ago and have been playing it a little bit I am not that into it compared to the original it lacks quite a few things to be fun to play for me. So I will most likely not end up buying this game, i would actually prefere playing LoL at this point, I am looking forward to Blizzard dota really looks like they are going to take a diffrent approach. than the standard moba game.

Forca motorsport 4: decently fun allthough i can't play driving games like u are suposed to. I like arcade drivers way more so i end up using the other cars as my breaks in this game as well but that is unfortunently not what you arer suposed to. I don't really like the controls while turning either it feels very much like either you turn very hard or dont turn at all. It feels like the game really si suposed to be played with a specefic controler which i am not willing to invest in.

Trials evolution: This game is Really fun and challanging and really frustraiting at times. this is probally the game i enjoy playing the most at the moment.

Tera Online Beta: I played the open beta for a little bit up to around lvl 10. It really proved to my self how unintrested I am in MMO's the only thing i really enjoyed about that game was the art style.

Starcraft 2: Well i'm offc still palying sc2. Right now i am playing in platinum as random in the same leauge / Division as Fafner he is in front of me right now. But i will offc make sure to be in front at the end of the Season!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 Games in one evening.

I Almost never get to play that amounth of games in an evening but had the opputunity and thought why the hell not.

One of the issues with changing race is the amounth of games i have lpayed with the race is kind of low especially 1 on 1 so probally just have to play alot to get a feel for the timings and what to look outfor especially in regards to droning, like i said in an earlier post i tend to end up with a tone of drones and then just die. and i guess the best way to prevent that is just to get alot of experience with when, what and how to scout and adebt accordingly and alot of games should end up helping with that.

Well back to the 10 games

out of the 10 games 6/10 where ZvZ i tend to play quite agresively with a semi allin tactic that you can adabt from i did this strategy and it worked quite well and got 6/6 wins in ZvZ

ZvT is a horrible Matchup for me I don't really feel confident in teching to tier 3 even though i should and actually have the money for it due to my macro falling apart,
3/10 of the gamesl ast night where ZvT and I lost the first 2
the games i lost felt like i should have won but didn't.

In my last ZvT i meet a fellow dane where i managed to hold off his blue-flame hellions (he could have done huge damage had he been a little more brave) but after that he keept extreamly pasive trying to take bases i did a semi stephano'esc build with infestor ligngs into ultraliscs and did a large number of zerglings run bys into his 3'rd /natural / main and it worked out btter than it should have and at the final battle i demolished him.

ZvP i only meet 1/10 and well he did a 2 base "allin" taht i so should have been able to hold off with my 3 base but at some point i managed to lose my third aand he could safely expand behind it and everything slowly feell apart from there.

all in all i won 7/10 games which is pretty decent but it was mostly due to my ZvZ

Friday, February 24, 2012

Changing race… again.

Well I felt like I wanted a change and I always enjoyed playing zerg so yeah swapped playing to zerg again, and the usual issues arise, I have no timings down at all and I get some ridicules losses.
A few examples:

1: A Terran tries to bunker rush me builds 2 bnkers and 4-5 marines come I manage to pick off the majority of the lings before they could enter one of the bunkers the other bunker did not finish and completely shut it down could without taking any drone losses or even building to many lings.
Then I drone up HARD and as I a teching for infestors 2 drop ships comes in drops 16 marines and I die.

2: A Protoss does a stanrd 6 gate 1-1 timing and I have absolutely nothing but 1 hand full of lings I even think I did a decent job of having lings around the map but he must have had a probe out somewhere on the map, and I got wasted.

3: A Terran does fast 2 factory 1 reactor play and I shut it down cold and I assume he expands after it, needless to say he did not and at around the 9-10 min mark 4-5 tanks marines and the hellions comes rolling in and im not at all ready for it just gotten my third up preparing for going into mutas. Again only having 2-3 spines and 2 queens and 1-2 handfull of lings.

Most of my losses really end up in silly stuff where im like ohh god had I only scouted better I wouldent have had any troubles what so ever.
I guess that’s the huge thing with Zerg and I feel like I actually jut need to play a lot to figure things out, I think my macro is decent (Except for overlord production I really need some kind of way to remember to build them.