Monday, June 11, 2012

1 month without sc2

Well random stuff + Diablo 3 have kept me from playing Sc2 and now... i suck... Yet again, and since Blizzards MMR belives ones skill is unchanged without playing the game for a month. I get absolutely demolished.

Everytime I’m in this situation I have a huge urge to just lose a lot and get into a lower league to just start over the cool thing about starting over is it gives you room to work on improving your macro, whereas playing on "my own level" I can’t neglect unit control and having to multitask alot of stuff that you are not practiced at you just get overwhelmed.

But since me and Fafner got into the same division I am not going to do that this time i will just have to fight thorough the suffering.


  1. That's awesome that you guys are in the same division! What a small world :)

    You two should post updates on how you are doing compared to each other - a nice little blog competition ;-)

    I've heard many people say that playing on the ladder is not the best way to practice - in part because you're playing random people all the time and can't focus on a particular match-up or vs. against a particular build.

    Guess you're just going to have to practice multi-tasking while you work on macro ;-)

  2. I'd love for Aiur to do that. Unfortunatly we are no in season 8 and no longer in the same league.

    Aiur how do you feel about a race up from Bronze?Maybe that wouldn't be quite as frustrating?